“I want to sincerely thank you for the therapeutic massage and the gift of you and your knowledge about anatomy.  When I left your office I noticed I could walk normally without pain and since then only slight ouchy going up steps. I feel more hopeful with every passing day and know that your expertise made a huge difference in my mood and pain level.  On Friday, 2 weeks will have passed since the epidural and based on my experience in June, I’m right on schedule for pain relief. I haven’t taken any pain pills since Saturday thanks to you.
You are definitely an “earth angel” to me and dozens of others who seek relief through the therapeutic massage you provide.” -Mary 

“I have been going to Atlantic Bodywork Center now for almost 7 years. I can’t say enough about their quality service. They genuinely care about their customers and it shows. I am a fitness instructor and avid runner. They keep me limber and relaxed. After each massage, I feel like a new woman! I assure you you will not be disappointed by Atlantic Bodywork Center.” -Jennifer Dieste

“I was diagnosed with RSD in my left arm and was taking Celebrex. With a few acupuncture treatments, I was able to sustain the relief from the treatments and not depend on Celebrex. Today I no longer take Celebrex and am living my best life! I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone suffering from any kind of pain. I think that acupuncture and massage have improved my life pain wise and have given me an overall sense of wellness. My arthritis in my other hand is no longer bothering me. The whole experience is very relaxing. I love Marianne!” -Mary Lou Steinbring 

“I chose Carl as my massage therapist over 15 years ago for my chronic pain due to fibromyalgia, stress, nerve impingement and neck injuries. Weekly sessions involving deep tissue therapy and myofascial release have become an integral part of my heath regimen. Aside from Carl’s qualifications and professionalism, his sensitivity to my needs led me to trust his specialized “touch”.  Sessions are physically, emotionally, and spiritually healing and relaxing.  The profound impact of frequent massage has done me a world of good.  It is worth the investment of budgeting time and money for an enhanced quality of life.” -Cassandra Gerken 

“This will sound like one of those testimonials that no one believes! Thank you so much for treating my 3 year old hip pain with the psoas trigger massage! I cannot believe how immediate the relief was and I tell everyone as though I have been converted to a new religion! I have. My life and my yoga practice are so much improved I still can’t believe it. Thank you!! “- Ann Marie Allen 

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