CARL ROBERTS, L.M.T. is nationally certified in Massage and Bodywork and is licensed in Delaware and Maryland. He is also a certified NASM personal trainer. Carl Roberts founded Atlantic Bodywork Center in 1998 and brings over 20 years of massage and bodywork experience to the table. He is an avid runner, cyclist, and surfer who enjoys photography and the outdoors. Carl is very passionate in helping clients to restore optimal functional movement and balance to their lives. He is always pursuing new skills and knowledge in the massage and bodywork field to enhance and build upon his experience.

Carl is proficient in myofascial release techniques, deep tissue, sports and medical massage. He also offers advice on exercise, stretching and postural awareness techniques.

ANNA DINENNA, C.M.T is a certified Massage Therapist with 12 years experience. Playing multiple sports and growing up interested in natural healing gave her the idea to go into massage. She specializes in Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, myofascial work and pregnancy massage.She enjoys summer softball league and traveling with her band where she is lead singer and percussionist.

MARIANNE FIKE, M.Ac.,L.Ac.,L.M.T., comes from a family of Korean acupuncturists and has a Master’s in Acupuncture from Tai Sophia Institute for the Healing Arts, a premier wellness think tank and graduate school in Laurel, MD. She is a NADA-certified Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist and specializes in 4 needle technique and 5-element acupuncture.She enjoys running and being outdoors.

• TARA TINGLE has been a C.M.T for 13 years.Tara specializes in therapeutic techniques that are designed for each individual, whether it be deep tissue or gentle intuitive pressure.Tara believes in treating the body,mind and spirit.
Tara is also a certified instructor for adult/child/infant CPR and first aid through the American Heart Association.

• ELIZABETH ULRICH, is our newest team massage therapist. Check back here soon for more infomation about Liz.

• KATHERINE RYMAN, Reiki Master, Teacher & Practitioner, Ever since childhood, Katherine could walk into a room, and after a couple of minutes, feel the aches, pains, and moods of other people.  Because of this ability, her journey into Reiki has been an interesting one.  Upon learning that Katherine was a highly sensitive person, a well-known psychic medium suggested that Katherine learn and practice Reiki.  Katherine took that advice to heart.  Today, Katherine is a Level 2 Usui and Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner.  She studies under the tutelage of a couple of different Reiki Masters and continues to further her learning of Reiki and alternative methods of healing.  Additionally, Katherine is a lifelong student:  she will begin courses for her certification as a Crystal Therapy Practitioner in September and will also be studying to become a Reiki Master.





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